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Characteristics of Veken Screens


  - Why choose Veken Screens -

  High-quality raw silk

  Veken always keeps improving from raw silk in order to provide customers with the best products. Veken uses the best imported raw silk supplied by the most well-known enterprises in the industry. After a long period of cooperation and development, its raw silk can ensure reliable and stable performance of products and satisfy different needs from different application areas.

  Precision opening control

  By using ultra-high-precision imported reeds, the radial opening of screen can be well-controlled; meanwhile, the zonal opening can also be controlled by use of the microcomputer program;

  Good ink permeability

  The excellent tension provides uniform screen opening, while the low surface dyne value provides good ink permeability and separation from the screen, and also improvement in the performance of screen.

  Good physical performance

  With the TAC technology, each piece of raw material can bear uniform force to improve the maximum tension of screen products.

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